Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update on 3-legged Ginger

GINGER, previously.

Ginger today!

Email from Nieza Abdullah, 2 days ago..

Hello everyone,
These are the latest photos of Ginger, taken today at 1pm in clinic. I went to visit her and spoke to the attending vet. According to him, he is very active and seems happy. Appetite also very good. I would like to make correction here, the injured leg is actually left side, not right. Currently Dr applies compression dressing to reduce the swollen stump. She is expected to be home in 1-2 days.
Thank you for all your support and hoping that she will lead normal life after this

Nieza Abdullah

Thanks for updating us, Nieza. We're happy to see Ginger's recovery. Dont worry, she will adapt nicely with her disability. Keep posting about Ginger.

We're happy to know she will have a new home ;)

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