Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Counter-Reply to the Wild Accusations Thrown to KTAJ/SCRATCH

Disclaimer: This entry is to explain and to counter-reply the accusations thrown to KTAJ/SCRATCH and its members. We are not interested to engage any fight with any NGO or individuals. With this entry published, we assume everyone has moved on and really mean it. Should there be any screenshot of accusation concerning us, we do not hesitate to take a legal action. 

Days ago, our volunteers came across a post accusing KTAJ/SCRATCH and its members swindling the donation money and questioning our contribution. We would like to clarify and here are the screenshots: 

Since the post was made public, we too would like to take the same stand so that all of us can learn to be more civilized to differentiate personal fight and organizational arguments. 

Here goes our counter-reply and it is indeed lengthy:

KTAJ was first founded in March 2011 that was months before the Petknode’s Hell Hotel tragedy.  KTAJ was officially registered in 2013 and renamed as S.C.R.A.T.C.H  (Stray Cats Rescue and Treatment Community Help). We do not have any shelter and therefore we require the community, the society and the public to take part in rescuing/rehabilitating process of the saved cats.

There are divisions or units in KTAJ/SCRATCH namely
a. E-Mail team    
b. KTAJ Online Adoption House  
c. KTAJ official page   
d. Event and Program   
e. Neutering team

1. Main mission and vision

a. We provide medical subsidy
b. We provide neutering subsidy
c. Occasionally under certain circumstances we provide temporary fostering for independent rescuers

We do not have any shelter and thus we do not take any injured or stray cats. Please bear in mind, we have a wider definition of rescue activity; not limited to sheltering injured cats or take in any stray cats found on the streets. We rescue humans’ souls too by educating them the importance of volunteering works, neutering, the practice of euthanasia and so forth. We encourage the public to take part in the process to cultivate volunteerism.  We provide online adoption house as a platform to rehome the rescued cats.

2. President and Presidency

a.  There will be 1 president at one Financial Year and we had 2 ex-presidents so far.
b.  President is elected by the committee members except the first president who is self-appointed.
c. President does not have any privilege in terms of subsidy application in fact, anyone holds this post is made difficult to apply for subsidy; except the first president where she had the authority to approve her own subsidy.
d. President must be someone all-rounder, thus he or she will get involve all division mentioned before. Having said all-rounder, president must be someone knowledgeable and being diplomatic is optional.

The  President of KTAJ is just like any  other committee members. He or she is required to involve in charity booth and all instructions, policies given must be collectively agreed by the committee members first. In case of any wrong doing, abuse of power and money swindling he can be challenged and can be advised to resign. He or she holds no immunity.

3. Experience

Majority of the committee members have the experience with cats and/or dogs ever since they were born. The President does not run the organization alone and from time to time all members are learning from each other. The comparison of ‘having less experience’ is thus invalid. KTAJ/SCRATCH focuses on the welfare of the cats and dogs, therefore we have no interest at competing with anyone in terms of experience or publicity.

4. Attitude

a. We are vocal and opinionated when comes to animal welfare. You may find some of us portraying strong characters when solving problems either verbally or through email.

b. If any of our committee member has any dispute on PERSONAL capacity, KTAJ will not hold responsible and should not be associated unless he or she, speak on behalf of us with the permission of the committee members. Public must be able to distinguish between personal dispute and disagreement between organizations. We do not pick fight with any independent rescuers or any organizations.

5. Why We Don’t Go Big

a. As a registered organization, we are required to abide the law by having our financial book audited. That was time when the ledger didn’t tally with the receipts and expenses. In 2013, an EGM was held and the second president was elected to head KTAJ/SCRATCH. The first president was not KICKED out from KTAJ, as a matter of fact, she resigned and was made to be the Honorary Member.

b. During the transition time there were too many insufficient information because some of the previous committee members failed to document the transaction. Our organization was in a great mess to a point we have to halt subsidy assistance to sort out many problems.  We cannot go big, organizing big charity event and so forth due to this reason. The problems left for us drained most of our energy and tiring our brains.

6. Subsidy application

a. Public: send an email > we respond > provide bills and pictures > we bring your application into our meeting > decision; approve or disapprove.

b. Members: send an email > we respond> provide bills and pictures> we investigate> evaluate current balance of our account > bring into the meeting > decision; approve or disapprove.

Tell us, can you spot a difference? We will share and flaunt our subsidy from now on. Who we have helped and who we are still helping. We believe the public should know that money wasn’t used among ourselves.

Our core volunteers are all working people and therefore we are less likely to apply for subsidy because it is too tedious for us. We made it simple for public to apply from us but with terms and conditions.

7. Collaboration with other NGO

a. We have a good repo with Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, Furry Friends Farm, Lost Animal Souls Shelter, Trap-Neuter-Release-and-Manage (Malaysia). 

b. We have good connections with independent rescuers and other animal lover page groups. Some of these independent rescuers came and joined our adoption drive.

8. Disputes with other NGO

a. Disputes and fights with other NGOs or independent rescuers happened before KTAJ became a registered entity. It is so unfair to blame the current committee members to be responsible for these frictions. For your information, the current president and some of the committee members joined KTAJ in late 2012 when everything was already heated and damaged. 

b. We would like to call the former committee members (if they have the guts) to confirm this or else we will parade the chronology of the fight for the public to judge. We find this pointing fingers are so childish when we the current committee members have a lot to do!

9. Current Activities and Affairs

a. Since we do not shout out for donation from the public we will participate in any event to set up charity sale booth. We do not want you to merely donate, come and support us by buying our merchandise. We travel as far as to Penang up-north, and to Johor down-south. We do not provide lodging or mileage to these volunteers unless it is really necessary. All the money must go to the cats and dogs.

b. There are volunteers helping at Pusat Jagaan Kucing, Putrajaya and you can find them in some weekends wearing our NGO t-shirt. Do say hi to them!

c. Volunteers who left because they chose to leave, not because we forced them to. We are lacked of manpower here and what makes some people think we are shooing away our volunteers? However, being loyal to us doesn’t mean you can do wrong and get away with it. Being loyal and being right are two different things.

d. We do not let our volunteers to dive into media publicity be it on air or on papers. We, by all means, try to avoid these kind of publicities although we know these publicities help us. Normally we will push everyone to get involved in any interview and discourage individual interviews. ‘dengki’ perse, we don’t have such a trait. We do not need any limelight and we keep our profile low.

10. For every action there is reaction

This very Newton’s Law is applied in our lives. Rumours and hearsay travel faster than the speed of light. Haters will hate and that is what they are best at.

We urge the public to get a confirmed story before writing or publishing on the Internet. Our committee members are naturally approachable and friendly, try us by becoming our volunteer at our booth. You might be surprised with all the slander thrown at us.

We hope this issue is settled and should any of you have any doubts regarding our NGO, please write or contact our volunteers.  

With this lengthy explanation, we would like to move on. Thank you for all the supports and we hope you, our precious followers, will continue to support us. 


Monday, December 29, 2014

Bertabahlah Malaysia

As Salam dan Selamat Sejahtera,

Belum surut lagi kesedihan kerana kehilangan MH370 dan tragedi MH17, kini kita dikejutkan pula dengan kehilangan QZ8501 dikala kita bertungkus lumus menghadapi masalah banjir. Berat betul dugaan dan ujian yang terima.

Credit: Artwork by Lydia Rayyan

Kami amat2 bersimpati dan berduka dgn kejadian yang menimpa.

Anak2 bulus di rumah selesa tidur dan bermain, makanan dan air tidak ada yang kurang..

Bila melihat keadaan banjir di pantai timur, kami terfikir, bagaimana dengan anak2 bulus..penduduk yang terlibat tentunya akan diselamatkan dan diberi bantuan, tapi bagaimana dengan haiwan di kawasan tersebut..tak kira la haiwan peliharaan anjing, kucing ataupun haiwan ternakan. Namun kami gembira bila ada pihak2 yg berani tampil untuk memberi bantuan baik dari segi makanan ataupun keperluan anak bulus ni..tidak kurang juga yang menaiki rakit atau bot untuk menyelamatkan anak2 bulus yang cuba menyelamatkan diri. Banyak viral pic di laman sosial menunjukkan kucing yang dilihat duduk di atas bekas terapung, ada yang sedang berenang mencari perlindungan, bergayut di atas pokok, tidak kurang juga yang panjat bumbung rumah. Terima kasih banyak2.

Ada owner yang sanggup menunggu pasukan penyelamat bersama kucing peliharaannya untuk diselamatkan, ada yang menjinjing anak bulus dikiri dan kanan mengharungi air deras untuk ke pusat perlindungan. Paling menyayat hati bila pic bangkai kucing disebar2kan..Sedih sangat2..dah tak larat tangan ni asyik  nak meng 'hide' kan pic tersebut..

Kami mendoakan agar keadaan segara kembali kepada sediakala..Usaha akan terus dipergiatkan dalam menghulurkan bantuan. Hari ini hari mereka, hari kita entah esok atau lusa..makanya jangan lokek utk turut membantu ikut kemampuan masing2. Semoga ada hikmah disebalik kejadian.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Neutering Day @ Klinik Kembiri Setapak Sponsored by The Bodyshop

Hi kawan-kawan!

Many weeks ago we were approached by The Bodyshop personnel who wanted to be known as Amy. Amy contacted us and informed us a good news! The Bodyshop agreed to sponsor our Neutering Program and we managed to neuter 18 stray cats, 9 of which are females. The program was conducted on last Sunday and this event has benefited both the stray cats and the public. The sum of this neutering sponsorship is MYR 1500 and apart from that, The Bodyshop was so generous (we bet they are still generous!) to donate 2 bags of Starpro Kibbles and more 50 cans of wetfood amounting more than MYR 500. 

The Bodysop gang and SCRATCH volunteers

Nurse Hannah (white T), Dr Goh (Orange T) assisting our
Neutering Coordinator
The neutering operations were all done in Klinik Kembiri Setapak, We would like to thank Nurse Hannah and Dr Goh (he was also with another female Vet Doc) for being very helpful to us that day. 

Food donation and distribution

The total amount received and paid to KKS
This is part of The Bodyshop CSR project and we were grateful being selected to receive this sponsorship. We were also told that Anita Roddick, the founder of The Bodyhsop, loved to do charity events both to humans and animals. This program was to keep the spirit Anita nurtured in her company. 

There is no word to convey our gratitude to Amy and her bunch of friends who came on Sunday and of course The Bodyshop. Thank you! Thank you! and again Thank you!!

If your company would like to sponsor similar program or giving donation please contact us at ktaj0311@gmail.com . Our admins will certainly get in touch with you. 

-Encik MemeranGemok-

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

S.C.R.A.T.C.H @ Kulaijaya

Hello kawan kawan, 

Hujung minggu (4th Oktober 2014) lepas kami telah dipelawa oleh pihak pegurusan IOI Mall Kulaijaya untuk terlibat dalam program World Animal Day 2014. Program ini bertujuan memberi kesedaran tentang kepentingan Trap-Neuter-Release/Rehome-Manage kepada populasi haiwan terbiar di luar sana sama ada kucing ataupun anjing. KAmi ingin mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada Eric, iaitu salah seorang organizer dan contact person yang banyak berurusan dengan kami. 

Sebahagian dari sukarelawan kami sampai sehari awal. Maklumlah ramai antara kami tinggal di Kuala Lumpur. Demi berkongsi pengalaman dan pengatahuan bersama sama mereka di Kulaijaya, kami gigihkan ke sana walaupuan hari esoknya adalah Raya Haji. 

Program yang dianjurkan terarah kepada sesi penjagaan haiwan dan juga kesedaran tentang kezaliman terhadap haiwan. Kami juga ada membuka booth untuk jualan amal bagi menambah dana untuk membantu haiwan yang diselamatkan ataupun membantu kos pengembirian. 

ouh ya, memang volunteer kami sangat sangat limited jumlahnya. kalau ada kawan kawan yang mahu menjadi volunteer kami sila lah hantar kan email kepada 

ktaj0311@gmail.com dan tuliskan title VOLUNTEER 

kami memang senantiasa memerlukan sukarelawan untuk membantu terutama sekali menjaga booth ni. kami diberi peluang untuk memperkenalkan diri kepada follower yang datang ke IOI Mall Kulaijaya. Alhamdulillah sesi pengenalan telah disempurnakan oleh sukarelawan kami, Cik Idaxu. sekitar hampir tengah hari, dua volunteer kami datang juga! mereka bernama Kerby dan Kash! mereka berdua ini banyak membantuk memberi kesedaran kepada masyarakat tentang dogma melayu-islam-anjing yang tidak pernah habis. Kash dan Kerby adalah anjing yang direscue oleh sukarelawan kami. Kini mereka bukan sekadar haiwan peliharaan tetapi boleh membantu kami mengumpul dana dan juga menjaga booth!  

sekitar selepas makan tengah hari, dengan pelanggan makin ramai datang ke IOI Mall Kulaijaya, kami mengadakan aktiviti ringkas tentang penjagaan kucing kepada kanak kanak yang hadir. 

Pelbagai telatah dan karenah anak anak kecil ini dalam memberi respon kepada soalan yang diajukan. Terima kasih kepada adik adik, anak anak yang menyertai aktiviti ini. 

Okay itu sahaja nak kongsikan ceritanya. Insha Allah nanti kami akan sertai lebih banyak program untuk bertemu dengan kawan-kawan semua! 

-Encik MemeranGemok- 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Happy Ending #7 - Miss Lola

As Salam..

Before Dulu
Now Sekarang
1         Cat/Dog’s Name
Nama kucing/anjing
Miss Lola a.k.a Bola
2         Cat/Dog’s Caretaker Name
Nama Penjaga kucing/anjing
Cik Jilapah
3         Location Rescued
Lokasi Diselamatkan
Kawan rescue dari Simpang Pulai. Masa tu ada trip ke Pulau Pinang. Jadi semasa perjalanan pulang tu, singgah la dekat Petronas sebab kawan minta tolong foster,  kembiri dan seterusnya ‘put for adoption’.
4         Date Rescued
Tarikh Diselamatkan
Disember  2012
5         Cat/Dog’s Condition when rescued
Keadaan kucing/anjing semasa diselamatkan
Masa tu Miss Lola baru melahirkan anak. Seekor anaknya juga saya foster. Miss Lola dulu kurus dan mukanya cengkung. Dia membebel sepanjang perjalanan menaiki kereta dari Simpang Pulai hinggalah Kuala Lumpur. Rasa macam berdarah telinga saya mendengarnya sebab saya lebih mudah menjaga kucing yang pendiam. Kucing di rumah yang kuat membebel pun saya latih supaya jadi pendiam dan pemalu seperti saya.
6         Cat/Dog’s Character
Sifat Kucing/Anjing
Masih kuat membebel. Nak makan, dia membebel. Nak minta sikat bulu, dia membebel. Kucing lain lalu pun dia membebel. Miss Lola suka bersantai di beranda dan akan membebel memanggil saya untuk menyikat bulunya.
7         How my cat/dog got his/her name
Macam mana  kucing/anjing mendapat namanya?
Saya ada sistem untuk menamakan kucing-kucing sama ada kucing komuniti/rescue dengan menggunakan urutan huruf bagi memudahkan saya dari segi tak pening kepala mencari ilham. Dan bila nak beri kepada adopter pun senang, biar la keluarga baru memberi nama yang sesuai dengan mereka.
Nama asal Miss Lola ialah Kucing L. Setelah sekian lama saya mencari keluarga baru yang sesuai untuk Miss Lola tetapi gagal. Saya pun tak sangk,  cabaran mencari keluarga yang sesuai untuk kucing berbulu panjang sama hebat tapi berbeza situasi dengan kucing berbulu pendek.  Ramai yang menunjukkan minat tetapi tidak menyokong pemandulan kucing atau ingin menjadikan Miss Lola kucing indoor-outdoor. Disebabkan saya dah kenal perangai Miss Lola yang  perasan  lasak tetapi sebenarnya diva, saya mengambil keputusan untuk terus menjaganya. Nama timangan Miss Lola ialah Bola, sebab saya telah meniru kawan saya yang menamakan kucingnya Lola Bebola.  Tapi cuba tengok gambar sekarang tu, memang macam bola!
8         My cat/dog condition now is….
Keadaan kucing/anjing saya sekarang… .
Miss Lola sudah membulat dan membola. Bulunya pun sudah kembang dan perlu disikat selalu. Malasnya! Bulu pendek kan senang. . . Tapi jangan risau, sebab Miss Lola akan menbebel sehingga saya sikat bulunya. Diva!
 Tabiat suka membolos dan melepaskan diri sudah tidak ada kerana dia sudah jadi mem besar di rumah.
9         Why I chose to spay/neuter my cat/dog
Mengapa saya memilih untuk memandulkan Kucing/anjing saya
Saya memilih untuk memandulkan kucing-kucing saya dan kucing-kucing komuniti saya kerana saya menjalankan tanggungjawab kemasyarakatan saya. Saya akan terus memandulkan kucing selagi ada kucing terbiar yang tidak ada tempat berteduh, tidak dapat makanan yang secukupnya, disepak terajang oleh syaitan bertopengkan manusia. Saya juga memandulkan kucing demi kesihatan mereka juga. Awet muda tau!