Friday, June 10, 2011

Cats Speutering Day JB

KTAJ meluaskan jajahan dan kini kami dah ada panel vet kedua untuk SPEUTERING DAY. Di JB pulak tu! Berikut adalah butiran Speutering Day ini :

Dr Rajeswary,
University Veterinary Clinic,
No 28 Jalan kebudayaan 18,
Taman Universiti,
81300 Skudai JB

Male RM40
Female RM70 and above
Additional fee if on heat, pregnant etc

Terms and Condtion :
1) Kucing kampung only. No mix breed, long-haired or semi-long haired.
2) Limited to 12 cats only.
3) Max weight is 4.5kg only.

Other than stated above, you'll be charge as normal fee.

If u're interested, pm Cik Nerq :
1) Full name as stated in ic + ic number
2) Hp number
3) Cats' name, sex and age
4) Photo of the cats to spay/neuter

Menurut cik Nerq, permohonan yang tidak lengkap seperti di atas tidak akan dilayan.