Monday, July 9, 2012

Update On PATCHES (Alex Kam)

Email yang diterima dari saudari Alex Kam mengenai PATCHES dalam jagaannya : 

Rabu, 4 Julai 2012 - 9.26pm


Some updates on Patches, she was at her second acupuncture session today. I told Dr Susanna that I noticed her left hind leg was thicker than her right one when I was doing her daily physio massage, and that it was very tensed. When Dr Susanna checked, she pointed out that Patch's knee joint seems swollen. I rushed Patches to the vet's after that and the vet confirmed it was an abscess from an old wound. Thankfully it was on the leg instead of the joint, which would have been painful + worst. She cut open the abscess and drained the pus and clogged blood, and Patches is on Clavamox antibiotics now to fight the infection and fever.

Attached are photos of her at the acupuncture session, she is feverish that's why she looked a bit weak in the first photo. The last one is after the abscess is cut open and the pus drained.

Best regards,

Email terbaru yang diterima dari Alex :
Isnin, 9 Julai 2012 - 12.56am

She is doing great!! Earlier today she saw my cat Silver playing with a cicak. At first I thought she was agitated towards my cat but she's not... After much struggling I finally let Patches go and she ran straight up to the wall so fast on her two front legs, clawed the cicak off the wall and ate it! She even left a claw mark on the wall. o_O Silver just looked stunned on the side, haha.

My next appointment with Dr Susanna is wednesday, I'll drop by the vet with Patches for a brief check up too to make sure the abscess is healing nicely. The leg is not as swollen anymore, but the wound is not as dry as I hoped.

Attached are photos of her when I'm doing hot compression on her abscess wound to reduce the swelling. :)

Kami gembira mendengar PATCHES berusaha keras mengejar cicak di dinding! Sakit-sakit pun, naluri memburu dan bermain masih ada :D

Cepat baik ye PATCHES. Nanti boleh berlari menangkap cicak lagi! 



  1. alhamdulillah....semoga si comel dapat menikmati bahagia

  2. may know the contact no of Dr. Susanna (for the acupunture treatment?