Saturday, July 14, 2012

XIAO HUANG (Serene Tan)

Email yang kami terima dari Serene Tan :
Selasa, 3 Julai 2012 - 4.06pm

Dear Scratch,

I was refer by and Dr Chan to write to you, to apply for medical fund to help this 3-4 months old male puppy.

His name is Xiao Huang. Xiao Huang is another helpless hit and run victim. It happened on yesterday at Saleng, Johor. A kind hearted old man witnessed the whole incident. When he got near to Xiao Huang, he was so terrified, traumatised and trembling. The old man quickly rushed Xiao Huang to the vet. Test and x-rays showed that there was severe broken bones on both of his hind legs but fortunately no internal bleeding or organ injuries. The vet suggests that Xiao Huang to insert pins into both of his hind legs to let his bones grow and join back together but the surgery, hospitalization and medical bill would cost approximately RM3500. The old man couldn't afford to pay such a high medical bill and therefore he decided seek for our help. After the surgery, Xiao Huang will have the chance to stand and run again.

We have already paid RM1000 as the deposit at Global Pets Sdn. Bhd. at Nusa Bestari branch. For any enquiries regarding to Xiao Huang, you may contact the vet in charge Dr. Lee or Dr. Chan at 07-5123344.

Please refer the picture that I've attached for your reference. We need to raise the fund urgently, hope you can help us. We would appreciate in any help that you’ve made.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Serene Tan



Di bawah DANA BERSAMA DENGAN PETFINDER.MY DAN MY ANIMAL CARE, SCRATCH turut bersetuju memberikan bantuan subsidi maksimum, iaitu RM500 untuk perubatan XIAO HUANG.
Rabu, 4 Julai 2012 - 10.09pm

Dear Scratch,

Here’s the latest update on Xiao Huang.

He had undergo the first surgery on Monday. Overall, he’s condition looks good and does not have any side effect yet. He will be going for the second surgery on tomorrow morning. The vet said that he’s a brave boy so hopefully everything goes well for him. If everything goes smoothly, he might can be discharged on this coming Sunday.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Serene Tan

XIAO HUANG terpaksa menjalani pembedahan 2 kali untuk memperbetulkan tulangnya yang patah. 

Ini update terbaru yang kami terima dari Serene Tan.

Ahad, 8 Julai 2012 - 11.48pm 

Dear SCRATCH  & My Animal Care,
Xiao Huang is still in the vet clinic. He's a brave boy. He's trying very hard to stand up on his own now. The vet said that it was a good sign that he try to stand using both of his hind legs. He loves people to visit him at the vet clinic. He will wagged his tail whenever we called him. He also had his 1st vaccination on yesterday. He will be discharged on the 15th July 2012. We did not managed to speak to the vet in charge, Dr Lee as he was currently on leave till Wednesday.
For your information, we have raised the total of RM1210 from Facebook and RM400 from our friends. The total medical bill is RM3196.20. Initially, we had paid Rm1000 of deposit at the vet clinic. Two kind ladies actually went all the way to Global Pets and paid deposits of RM200. We had paid the balance of RM1996.20 on yesterday.
Unfortunately, we had received a phone call from the old uncle on this morning saying that he could not take care of Xiao Huang when he discharged. Reason is his wife does not likes dogs. Now we’re trying to look for a fosterer that can take care of him.   
Thank you for your medical subsidies towards Xiao Huang but we have raised enough fund for Xiao Huang. Petfinder had already help us to raised Rm500 and the remaining balance will be fully responsible by me and my friend.
Thank you for your kindness and help. We would like to thanks to HOPE too who actually help us to share the news in their Facebook wall. We had contacted HOPE whether they could take in Xiao Huang but their shelter is no longer afford to take in any dogs anymore. Furthermore, as for Xiao Huang’s case, he’s not suitable to stay in the shelter. He needs special care. Therefore, could you help us to share the news to look for fosterer? We will provide dry kibbles and can food for the fosterer. I will keep you updated on Xiao Huang's condition.

Kos rawatan XIAO HUANG berjumlah RM3196.20. 

Menurut Serene, beliau dan rakan-rakan berjaya mendapatkan bantuan kewangan untuk membiayai perubatan XIAO HUANG. 

Serene meminta agar kami turut membantu mengiklankan XIAO HUANG untuk dicarikan pemilik baru. Bantu kami sebarkan cerita tentang XIAO HUANG agar ada pihak yang sudi adopt anak anjing ini.

Serene Tan boleh dihubungi di email ini -

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