Monday, July 23, 2012

Kucing Buta Sebelah (Norely)

Email yang diterima dari Norely :

Ahad, 22 Julai 2012 - 8.21pm

My daughter and I found this cat in front of Damai Medical Center in Melawati. Her eye was popping out maybe due a fight. I sent her to the nearby vet and the vet operated on the eye the same day. It was too late to save the eye. She is due to visit the clinic again to get her stiches out in 2 weeks. Then I plan to spay her after that.

I have 10 other cats at home (8 stay inside and 2 outside). All my cats are very territorial and one of the male cats outside is even worse. I don't want her other eye to suffer the same fate. She is very friendly and has so much love to give. I have to put her in my bathroom for now and it is quite a small space. Please help me find a suitable adopter. Thanks so much!

Kucing ini dalam jagaan Norely di Taman Melawati. 
Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk adopt kucing ini, Norely boleh dihubungi melalui email : atau 019-3121125.   

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