Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update on Tompok (Wazura & Mazlita)

Ingat lagi pada si TOMPOK?

Ini update yang kami terima dari Wazura pada 2 Mac 2012 :

Hi Dr. Chan (My Animal Care) & KTAJ Admins,

Just want to update on Tompok condition.

Went to St. Angel's last night, planning to bring Tompok back.

Unfortunately, after consultation with the doctor, we decided not to bring her back yet. She still unable to urinate on her own. If we bring her back last night, nobody will take care of her today because need to press her bladder more than 2 times during the day.

We plan to get her out tomorrow so within 2 days (Saturday & Sunday), we are able to adjust our schedule for her.

Today, doctor will try to use tablet for her medication which will lower the cost a bit since Tompok is able to open her mouth but still need extra precaution.

Tomorrow after work, will go to St. Angel's again to check on her condition. Definitely will keep you updated.

Dan ini update terbaru yang kami terima pada 5 Mac 2012 :

Hi Dr. Chan & KTAJ Admins,

Hope everyone is doing great.

Latest update for Tompok. We took her back on Saturday evening. Doctor taught us on how to take care of Tompok and provided some medication, one of it is the nerve supplement. She need to continue the nerve supplement for a long term basis. The cost is RM1 per pill and she need to take twice a day.

She's quite ok even looked a bit stress. She tried to walk when we reached home but only right leg able to move. To avoid more injuries, we put her in a cage.

Good things happen, she now can eat, drink and urinate on her own. But since we took her back, she haven't defecate yet. Try to press her bladder but nothing come out. Probably need some time because she haven't eat that much.

We use a big syringe to feed the medicine. Not sure the tools name but it worked :)

Attached is the total bill for Tompok and the payment we provided.

I will send the application form and original bill to you by this week.

Any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for all your kindness.


Dan ini pula gambar terbaru si Tompok :

Tompok telah dibawa pulang oleh Wazura untuk dijaga dirumah. Berita baiknya, Tompok dah mula makan, minum dan membuang air kencing dengan sendiri. Cuma masih belum membuang. Mungkin sebab si Tompok kurang makan sepanjang berada dalam rawatan. Harap sedikit masa, semua akan berjalan dengan baik bagi Si Tompok.

Yuran perubatan si Tompok akan dibiayai 30% oleh SCRATCH, 30% oleh My Animal Care dan selebihnya dibiayai oleh Wazura dan Mazlita sendiri.

Kami sangat terharu dengan usaha rescuer seperti Wazura dan Mazlita dan lain-lain yang pernah kami kongsikan di blog ini dalam menyelamatkan haiwan jalanan.

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