Saturday, September 14, 2013

SCRATCH Charity Sales and Adoption Drive September 2013

Hello Friends! 

In conjunction with Putrajaya International Cat Show 2013, Kelab Kucing Malaysia has invited SCRATCH to organize an adoption drive and charity sales. We are  thankful to the President of Kelab Kucing Malaysia, Pak Khalid for granting us a booth for this event.  

Set your GPS to this location :

Dewan Cempakasari PPj
Perbandanan Putrajaya
Precint 3 Putrajaya

We will be there from 930 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Please support this 2 days event by visiting our booth and our furbabies that will be there for adoption. 

These are some of the adult cats and kittens up for adoption. From clockwise 

(i) Jojo the hamster look alike kitten with a love-marking fur
(ii) Kucing L, the Green-Lantern eyes
(iii) Caillet-Ko, a newly rescued and super friendly adult kitten you would ever meet (Seriously she is! We can guarantee you).
(iv) Kucing S the sneaky, energetic growing kitten. Loves to be pampered and petted. 
(v) Boy, the zoro-masked marking and wearing extra long socks. He likes to be cuddled. 
(vi) Tabby Boi a 5 months old kitten full with love and ready to be part of your family member. 

These cats and kittens are litter trained and healthy. If you could spare a space in your heart, please bring one of them (or perhaps all of them! ) home. 

If you are not ready to adopt, you may donate or buy our merchandise. There will be awesome limited edition T-Shirts, woven bags, eye catching car stickers and many more. 

SCRATCHers amd some of the volunteer crews will be there to meet you guys today and tomorrow! 

Please come and support us! Ouh don't forget to tell your friends too. See you there~!

-Encik Memerangemok-

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