Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pls adopt Nek Zara's cat

Dear animal lovers,

A few months ago in one of the previous entry we had featured a kind hearted nenek by the name Zaharah. She is known among her friends and neighbours as “Mak/Nek Zara”. Living alone, she would go and feed stray cats in the local market place and occasionally she would bring these cats to her home - especially the ones who needed medical treatments and too young to survive on their own.

After being featured in our blog (read her story here), her health had been deteriorate, slowly her weak legs fail her. After numerous doctor’s visits, two visits to the emergency room ..she is now bedridden. She has lost a lot of weight and now her mobility. For the first few weeks her loving neighbours took care of her. The stayed with her from morning till night, changing shifts after shifts taking turns to attend all her needs. They also help in feeding Nek Zara’s ten cats. Realising she can’t afford to burden her neighbours anymore, Nek Zara asked if she can stay at an old folks home.

After necessary arrangements been done, last Sunday Nek Zara left her home to stay at an old folks home. Immediately after that, with the help of Wira Fan Club (WFC) and Dr Marlia from Pekan Nenas Animal Clinic (PNAC), all the cats has been relocated and safely being fostered by Dr Marlia – except for one lucky cat. He has already found his new loving owners and Jerry has been adopted.

Now Pantene, Muk, Kudung & Kopok, Juling, Anje, Oren, Putih & Jibeng is looking for a loving, forever home. WFC is looking for passionate animal lovers to be these cats new owners. We have promised Nek Zara that all her cat will be cared for, please help us to fulfil this promise.

For further information on how you can adopt them please check out WFC’s facebook page here

Last word, please send your du’as to Nek Zara and her cats. Let us hope Nek Zara will regain her health and all her cats will never resolved to stay in the streets. #prayfornekzarancats #prayformh370. Ameen.

Write up by: Affiq

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