Monday, April 16, 2012

Puppy Subsidy (Sharon Tan)

Sharon Tan telah menghantar email kepada SCRATCH meminta bantuan subsidi untuk anak anjing yang memerlukan kos pembedahan yang tinggi.

Pup under surgery

This lil pup was found hiding in a tyre at night! All sad and lonely. I rescued him and after a while, he had internal complications where by his intestince and and organs folded in like a telescope. Because he was a rescue dog, how it occured could be due to various reasons, could even be due to abuse or something but can’t really know the root cause.

He wasn’t eating for a few days and the vet did an xray and found out. So the vet said he either had a few days to live or else put him to sleep or a 50 50 chance of surgery. During the complicated surgery even, the vet called me up to ask if I wanted to put him to sleep as his heart as is stopped beating 3 times during the surgery. I decided to proceed as I didn’t think it was fair to put him to sleep.

It was a miracle that he made it thru, and now he’s in recovery stage. His intestine was cut off abit, and now still waiting for this fighter puppy to pull thru and adjust. He’s eating much better now and finally putting on weight. Overall, successful surgery he’s a very active loving puppy.

1. The accurate medical condition of the animal – Intestinal Intussusception

2. Details of the treatments provided – Performed intestinal resection and anastomosis due to developing intestinal intussusception

Oleh kerana bil untuk anak anjing ini mencecah RM2230, maka Sharon telah memohon Joint Subsidy daripada SCRATCH, My Animal Care & Petfinder.

Bantuan yang diberikan oleh SCRATCH untuk anak anjing ini adalah 20% daripada keseluruhan bil perubatan dan pembedahannya iaitu RM446.00

Sharon turun mencari tuan baru untuk anak anjing ini. Sekiranya ada yang berminat untuk adopt anak anjing ini, boleh hubungi Sharon di

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