Monday, June 9, 2014

My Happy Ending #1 - Datuk K


Before Dulu
Now Sekarang
1         Cat/Dog’s Name
Nama kucing/anjing
Datuk K
2         Cat/Dog’s Caretaker Name
Nama Penjaga kucing/anjing
Cik Jilapah
3         Location Rescued
Lokasi Diselamatkan
Pandan Jaya Flat’s dumpster. A friend posted his picture on his facebook timeline.
4         Date Rescued
Tarikh Diselamatkan
August 2012
5         Cat/Dog’s Condition when rescued
Keadaan kucing/anjing semasa diselamatkan
Half of his body was covered in mange. His eyes were practically covered with mange. He pooped some tied up plastic so I decided that he had lived the hard straying life for too long and decided to adopt him.
6         Cat/Dog’s Character
Sifat Kucing/Anjing
Mild-mannered and always be doing cute poses when I ignore him.
7         How my cat/dog got his/her name
Macam mana  kucing/anjing mendapat namanya?
I have a system where I named all the cats I rescue/regularly feed/neuter/spay using the alphabets. He was originally Kucing K and after the first visit to the vet, the vet told me he was most likely 8 years or older, officially a senior cat. Hence the name Datuk K. No relation to Kurap or some infamous husband ye.
8         My cat/dog condition now is….
Keadaan kucing/anjing saya sekarang… .
He changed from ‘Along Kawasan’ who has the loudest meows and stinkiest pee into my house official lap cat. It took a while for him to change his straying ways, spraying his pee and meows loudly, but after he was neutered he can be his true self.  I love you Datuk K!
9         Why I chose to spay/neuter my cat/dog
Mengapa saya memilih untuk memandulkan Kucing/anjing saya
I am doing my part as a concerned human. I will continue to spay and neuter my cats, my community cats/dogs & rescued cats/dogs until all strays are adopted and no strays living in the streets.  I choose to spay and neuter them for their health, mental and physical.


  1. Oh Datuk K, why are you sooooo that handsome with duduk macam tu. Aummmmm

  2. Wonderful happy ending! ♥

  3. Datuk K I'm your biggest FAN!!!

  4. mmg segak sungguh Datuk K..hehhe