Tuesday, December 3, 2013

S.C.R.A.T.C.H at Dogathon 2013

Hello Peeps! 

Many weeks ago (well you may say it many months ago :-P ) we were approached by Dogathon 2013 organizer, Cik Aqilla and we were invited to participate as one of the supporters in that event. Dogathon is an annual canine gathering and since their visions are in line with ours, we were more  than glad to join the event. It was a one-day event held on the 6th of OCT 2013, started as early as 630 am and ended slightly pass noon. hey peeps, if you missed this year's Dogathon, please please come next year. Dont worry, we will alert you  when the time comes. We would like to encourage the Malay community in specific because this Dogathon will give you a different perspective towards dogs, owing dogs and dogs' behaviors. For your information, the committee members were from various races and yes could see malay boys and girls working hand in hand with the other students. Dogathon truly shows to us, compassion towards animal beyond racial and religious beliefs. Please mark your calender around October 

There were many activity arranged for both dogs and the owners. the earliest activity was the dog race. both dogs and owners will run for 2.4 km. There were few categories depending on the dog's size. Hey, in this gathering you could see from the smallest chihuahua to the largest breed like great dane and mastiff taking part in the dog race. oh not to mention, the malamute and husky clans were also there. 

The event was then officiated by a minister and Vince Chong (the winner of AF season 1) was there to show his support~! Aha, this Dogathon is not only for your dogs to interact with the other dogs but it is a good platform to for you to expand your social contacts. 

We were given a booth number 28 next to PawMission booth. although SCRACTH is known to advocate more of cat cases but we do subsidize and respond to dog cases too. our team members arrived around seven and set the booth for charity sales. all the donations and sales are use to fund neutering and medical subsidy. everyday, we received not less than 5 SOS e-mails pledging for medical and neutering subsidy. our team members work hard to ensure the fund will not deplete and we could extend monetary help to those who are in need. 

The limited edition t-shirts were among the items sold at our booth and they were selling fast. We were (and still are) grateful with the support shown by the public who attended the event despite we can be considered 'young' and 'new' non profit organization. apart from the t-shirts, we also had face-painting and we have talented team mates! we would like to thank those who came to our booth and supported us by donating through merchandise buying and face painting. There is no word we could find to express our gratefulness on your generosity.   

All in all we wrapped up  the day happily. we were happy to know that dogs (and animal in general) do have place on earth and we celebrate their existence. We are happy that mankind acknowledges the dogs' role in our lives not only as pets but beyond that. Seeing the Malay students working together in making this event a success make us to believe one day dogs will be equally accepted and deserve a better treatment from the society. 

We could not wait for Dogathon 2014! Mark your calender and meet us there with new merchandise to be grabbed. 

-Encik Memerangemok-

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