Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LATTE (Elizabeth Leong)

Email yang kami terima dari Elizabeth, 

Isnin, 21 Mei 2012 - 7:31pm

Dear KTAJ,

Thank you very much for your time and attention - also, for the possible future help that you would be offering. As I have posted on your wall last week and today, I have a cat that was saved from Taman Bunga Raya's roadside after a hit-and-run accident and the cat seems to have an owner.

My friend and I would like to request for the help of KTAJ to locate his owner / possibly find him a new owner. Also, as mentioned previously for the possibility of having our bills subsidized, we would like to know all of the documents / info we are needed to provide.

I would also like to apologize as I am unable to care for a cat who has difficulty walking/balancing as I have 10 cats myself and I am living more than 20 floors up on a condo. The last time I had rescued a cat from accident who has minor problem in balancing, the cat fell off the balcony after she sneaked out. I do wish this cat finds a loving owner.

Breed : Unknown. Possibly mixed Persian/Siamese/etc.

Gender : Male
Colour : Light yellow / cream
Eye : Light green
Location : Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak (near Mali's Corner/TAR College)

Once again, I thank you and your team for your time and consideration to lend a hand to this case. I will submit all the needed documents by tonight/tomorrow if we are able to obtain any form of help at all.


Menurut Elizabeth, kucing jantan yang diberi nama LATTE ini temui ditemui jalan di Taman Bunga Raya, dipercayai dilanggar, pada 16 Mei 2012. Kucing ini dipercayai bertuan, melihat daripada keadaan asal kucing ini.

Ketika ditemui

Akibat perlanggaran, kucing ini mengalami kecederaan pada rahang dan kepala, menyebabkan kerosakan pada mata dan mengakibatkan kucing ini mengalami masalah mengimbangi badan untuk bergerak dan berjalan.

Gambar semasa rawatan

Gambar semasa rawatan
Gambar sebelum pembedahan mata
Gambar selepas pembedahan mata

Kos rawatan untuk kucing ini termasuk pembedahan ialah RM797 dalam 3 bil.
50% daripada bil pertama dan kedua diberi bantuan subsidi oleh Dana SCRATCH.
50% daripada bil ketiga diberi subsidi oleh My Animal Care.

Sekiranya ada pihak ingin menuntut atau ingin adopt kucing ini, sila hubungi Elizabeth di alamat email di - 
elizabeth.leong@my.offgamers.com atau cielelric@gmail.com

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